History of the Spring Brain Conferences: 1989 to the Present

The Spring Brain Conference was founded in 1989 and had its first meeting in March of 1990. It has met annually since its founding with the exception of 2015, when it took a year off to reorganize and redefine its mission. There is a link below to many past programs since 2001. A review of these programs offers testimony to the high quality and informational diversity that is a hallmark of these meetings. In fact the diversity of the program is a highlight allowing attendees to engage with material and investigators outside their usual comfort zone. The daily structure of the meeting program facilitates the mission with opportunities for discussion and collegiality during morning and evening sessions bracketing an afternoon where attendees are free to network, golf, explore the surrounding area, or simply relax. The conference also organizes outreach to the Sedona community the day before the conference and outreach to the local high school the day after.


Spring Brain Conferences Mission:

1 Facilitate communication among scientists of diverse backgrounds by organizing a meeting that reflects research derived from multiple fields of brain science.  The purpose is to advance understanding of both foundational neuroscience and advanced translational topics that cover brain health, clinical interventions and cures.

2 Organize outreach to the local community on topics of brain health and basic science research.

3 Organize outreach to the local high school to disseminate understanding of scientific method, brain structure and function.




The reconfiguration of Spring Brain Conferences in 2015 identified numerous investigators committed to the mission of the organization and its future.  


The current leadership for the 2019 conference is as follows:


Maureen W. McEnery, Ph.D., MAT,  Director

Associate Professor Dept. of Neurology and Dept. of Neuroscience

University Hospitals of Cleveland Medical Center

Case Western Reserve School of Medicine, Cleveland, OH


Jeff Edwards, Ph.D., Spring Brain Golf, Chair

Associate Professor, Physiology & Developmental Biology

Brigham Young University, Provo, UT


Kori Brewer, Ph.D., Program Committee, Co-Chair

Associate Professor, Dept. of Emergency Medicine

East Carolina University, Greenville, NC


Douglas Rosene, Ph.D, Program Committee, Co-Chair

Professor, Dept. of Anatomy and Neurobiology

Boston University, Boston, MA


Dimitrios Davalos, Program Committee Member

Assistant Professor Neurosciences, Molecular Medicine

Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH


Karen Moxon, Ph.D., Program Committee Member

Professor of Biomedical Engineering

University of California, Davis CA


John Gale, Ph.D., Program Committee Member

CEO, Gale Neurotechnologies

Smoke Rise, GA

Previous Spring Brain Conference Programs 2001- 2014