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12:30p Free Time & Recreation

05:30p Cash Bar - Opening Reception

07:00p Buffet Dinner


Spring Brain Conference - Sedona AZ – April 7 to April 10, 2016


Thursday April 7 (Official Hotel Check-in 4:00p)

    12:30p   Free Time & Recreation


    05:30p   Cash Bar - Opening Reception


    06:45p   Introduction                   Speaker: Thomas A. Woolsey, MD

                                                            Washington University, SOM Dept. of Neurosurgery  

                                                            Title:A Brief History of Spring Brain Conference”


    07:00p   Buffet Dinner


    07:00p   Keynote I:                     Speaker: Baldomero M. Olivera. Ph.D.

                                                            University of Utah, Dept. of Biology. HHMI Professor

                                                            Title:  “Biological Toxins and their Ion Channel Targets”


Friday April 8

    07:00a   Buffet Breakfast


    07:30a   Plenary #1                    Organizer: Tarek Samed, Ph.D. - Topic: Neuroinflammation

                                                        Session Title:Neuroinflammation: Unravelling Mechanisms and Revealing Therapeutic



Speaker 1: Title:  “Neuroinflammatoin in Multiple Sclerosis” (tentative)

Etty Benveniste, Ph.D.
Alma B. Maxwell UAHSF Endowed Chair
University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)


Speaker 2: Title:Modulation of Endocannabinoid Hydrolysis to Reduce Brain Inflammation
Tarek Samed, Ph.D.

Head, Neuroinflammation Research

Pfizer R&D

610 Main St

Cambridge, MA


Speaker 3: TitleEndocannabinoid Metabolism in Neurodegenerative Diseases”

Chu Chen, Ph.D.

LSU Health Sciences Center

New Orleans, LA



    08:45a   Plenary #2                    Organizer: Frank Porreca, Ph.D.  -     Topic: Pain Mechanisms

                                                            Session Title:  “Identifying Cell-specific Molecular Changes in DRG Neurons in a Chronic Pain



Speaker 1: Title:Constellation Pathology. A Novel Platform for Assessing Pathological Pain States
Russ Teichert, Ph.D.

University of Utah


Speaker 2: Title: "Intrathecal contulakin-G for cancer pain"  

Amol Patwardhan, MD, Ph.D.

University Arizona


Speaker 3: Title: Teaching an old dog new tricks: constellation pharmacology unravels nociceptive targets and mechanisms"

Rajesh Khanna, Ph.D.

University of Arizona 


    10:00a   Coffee Break & Networking


    10:30a   Plenary #3                    Organizer: Stefan Clemens, Ph.D. - Topic: Neuromodulation

                                                            Session Title:  “Neuromodulatory Interactions in the Spinal Cord”


Speaker 1: Title: Do CSF-contacting aminergic neurons like dietary amino acid levels to motor drive?

Shawn Hochman, Ph.D. 

Emory University


Speaker 2: Title Effect of diet induced obesity on muscle spindle afferent function and spinal cord integration

Katie Wilkinson, Ph.D.

San Jose State University


Speaker 3: TitleAge-related dopamine D1 and D3 receptor functional changes in the spinal cord

Stefan Clemens, Ph.D.

East Carolina University                       


    11:45a   Lunch


    12:30p   Free Time & Recreation


    06:00p   Cash Bar


    06:30p   Buffet Dinner


    07:30p   Keynote II                     Speaker:  Ann McKee, MD

                                                            Boston University, SOM, Dept. of Neurology & Pathology

                                                            Title: Trauma-induced Neurodegeneration"


Saturday April 9

    07:00a   Buffet Breakfast


    07:30a   Keynote III                    Speaker: James Levernez, MD

                                                            Cleveland Clinic, Chair, Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health

                                                            Title:  “How Do You Define a Disease: Lessons from Neurodegeneration”. 


    08:45a   Plenary #4                    Organizer:  Richard Zigmond, Ph.D. - Topic: Neurorepair Mechanisms

                                                            Session Title: Advances in Degeneration and Regeneration Research"

Speaker 1: Title "DLK dependent Regulation of the Degenerative and Regenerative Responses to Axonal Injury"

Richard E Zigmond, Ph.D.

Dept. Neuroscience

Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

Speaker 2: Title: Axonal Health:  Metabolism Takes Center Stage

Jeffrey D Milbrandt, PhD, MD

Dept. of Genetics

Washington Univ Sch Med

Speaker 3: Title: "DLK-dependent Regulation of the Degenerative and Regenerative Responses to Axonal Injury"

Joseph Lewcock, PhD

Denali Pharmaceuticals
South San Francisco, CA


    10:00a   Coffee Break & Networking


    10:30a   Plenary #5                    Organizer:  Chris Ford, Ph.D. -    Topic: Movement Disorders

                                                            Session Title:Molecular Basis of Striatal Function and Dysfunction


Speaker 1: Title:  "Synaptic Actions of Dopamine in the Striatum"

Christopher Ford, Ph.D.

Dept. of Physiology and Biophysics & Dept. of Neurosciences

Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine


Speaker 2: Title "Protection of Mitochondrial Function in Huntington's Disease

Xin Qi, Ph.D.

Department of Physiology & Biophysics

Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine


Speaker 3: Title: TBA


    11:45a   Lunch


    12:30p   Free Time & Recreation


    06:00p   Cash Bar


    06:30p   Buffet Dinner                Organizer: Doug RosenePosters 3 Minute Presentations


    07:30p   Keynote IV                    Speaker:  Saterial & Bergethon -Topic: Neurobiology of Magic

                                                            Title:Neurobiology of Magic


Sunday April 10 (Official Hotel Check-out 11:00am)

    07:00a   Buffet Breakfast


    07:30a   Plenary #6                    Organizer:   Tara Moore, Ph.D.   Topic:  Recovery Function after Stroke

                                                            Session Title: Recovery of Function and Cortical Reorganization After Stroke


Speaker 1: Title “A Non-human Primate Model of Cortical Injury

Tara L. Moore, Ph.D.

Dept. of Anatomy and Neurobiology

Boston University School of Medicine


Speaker 2: Title:Mesenchymal Stem Cell Derived Exosomes Promote Axonal Growth and Myelination”.

Benjamin Buller, Ph.D.

Henry Ford Health System

Detroit, MI


Speaker 3: Title: “Distributed Plasticity Across the Cortical Motor Network After Brain Injury.”

Numa Dancause, Ph.D.

Département de Neurosciences,

Université de Montréal


    08:45a   Plenary #7                    Organizer:   Margaret Bauman Topic: Neurobiology of Autism

                                                            Session Title: The Neurobiology of Autism


Speaker 1: Title: Immune and Autoimmune factors in ASD

Judy Van der Water, Ph.D.

UC Davis/MIND Institute


Speaker 2: Title: “The role of GABA in the Autistic Brain

Gene J Blatt, PhD

Hussman Institute for Autism

Baltimore, MD


Speaker 3: Title:  The Cerebellum in Autism” (tentative)

Peter Tsai, MD, Ph.D.

UT Southwest Dallas


    10:00a   Coffee Break & Networking


    10:30a   Plenary #8                    Organizer:   Peter Bergethon  -Topic: Neurobiology of Education


Speaker 1: Title: Teachers as Scholars and the Neuroscience of Learning
Peter Bergethon, MD

Head, Quantitative Medicine 

Neuroscience and Pain Unit




    11:45a   Lunch                             Business Meeting & Plans for the Future


    12:30p   Free Time & Recreation


    06:00p   Preparation for Neuroscience Outreach Program: review of activities and team building


    08:00p   Cash Bar                      


Monday April 11 Neuroscience Outreach Program at Coconino High School, Flagstaff, AZ


     08:30a                 Travel to Flagstaff (tentative)

     10:00a to 1:00p    Meeting with students (tentative)

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