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Spring Brain Conference 2024 Scientific Program:


The scientific program for Spring Brain Conference 2024 will include the following Keynote Speakers and Plenary Sessions:


Keynote speakers:


Katerina Akassoglou, PhD

Gladstone Institute of Neurological Disease

Department of Neurology, University of California San Francisco


Li Gan, Ph.D.

Weill Cornell Medicine

Brain and Mind Research Institute


Bruce Trapp, Ph.D.

Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland Clinic

Department of Neurosciences



Plenary Sessions and Session Organizers:



  • Neuroimmune Mechanisms in Health and Disease

Dimitrios Davalos, Ph.D.

Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland Clinic

Department of Neurosciences

  • Leveraging Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell technology to study CNS disorders


Valentina Fossati, Ph.D.

The New York Stem Cell Foundation 

Research Institute

  • Blood-Brain and other CNS Barriers

Richard Daneman, Ph.D.

University of California, San Diego

Departments of Pharmacology and Neuroscience


  • Clinical Care and Repair Mechanisms in Stroke


Joao Gomes, M.D.

Cleveland Clinic

Neurological Intensive Care Unit and Cerebrovascular Center

  • Neuroinflammation: Translation at the Brain-Immune Interface


Daniel Reich, M.D., Ph.D.

Translational Neuroradiology Section

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke


  • Novel insights into CNS effects of commonly used drugs - including nicotine

Jeffrey Joyce, Ph.D.

Florida State University College of Medicine

  • Visuospatial Perception: from Bench to Bedside and Back

Aasef Shaikh, M.D., Ph.D.

Department of Neurology

University Hospitals, Cleveland Medical Center

  • Neurodegeneration: Translation at the Brain-Immune Interface

Jorge Palop, Ph.D.

Gladstone Institutes

University of Californis, San Francisco

  • Glioblastoma


  • Trainee and Hot Topic presentations (oral presentations from trainees, and hot topics selected from submitted abstracts)




Each plenary session will host 3 oral presentations (20 min presentation and 5 min discussion each)

Additional sessions and speaker details will be added to the program soon

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